A luxury design atelier

Paola Sorio Luxury Design Atelier is an exclusive interior design project born out of the passion of its founder, Paola Sorio. A passion that has been nurtured over a long period and has resulted in the creation of this luxury design brand.

A real design atelier that creates unique and precious pieces of furniture, skilfully made using ancient craftsmanship techniques that have now died out. Genuine design sculptures for all those who appreciate the true luxury of our time in drawing deep emotions from objects of rare and unique workmanship.

Paola Sorio Luxury Design Atelier combines the finest craftsmanship that characterises the excellence of the Made in Italy brand, with a skilful and innovative use of the finest materials.

This results in furnishing collections marked by beauty and style that go beyond fashion and redefine the very concept of design, bringing it as close as possible to the idea of artistic creation.


Values and inspiration

The Paola Sorio Luxury Design Atelier project brings the world of handcrafted furniture excellence that had disappeared with industrialisation back to life.

A world that promoted furniture as a crucial part of a complete work of art, the Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk, most strongly represented by the European schools of the early 20th century, the Austrian Wiener Werkstätte of Josef Hoffmann and William Morris’s Arts & Craft.

Each Paola Sorio Luxury Design Atelier project evolves through the most careful selection of excellent local craftsmen and highlights their skills to continue the Italian expertise of the “Made in Italy” brand and keep it alive.

Just like in a French Haute-Couture atelier, Paola Sorio dedicates hundreds of hours to defining every single piece in the tiniest detail, putting the craftsmen’s mastery and the excellence of their artistry to the test, and selecting the most sought-after raw materials.

The result is a unique range of exclusive furnishings and accessories that embody perfection. Precious and sought-after pieces of furniture which stir the emotions and invite admiration as works of art.



A little girl’s dream…

At the very beginning of the Paola Sorio Luxury Design Atelier project lies a memory. Paola, a child, sitting in the living room on the arm of the chair where her father enjoyed a moment of family relaxation in the evenings, smoking a cigar and drinking his favourite cognac.

It was Paola herself who opened the bar cabinet every evening and handed the bottle to her father. That memory and that 1950s cabinet, with its curved and enveloping form, sparked off a real dream that Paola, who has always been passionate about furnishing and design, has nurtured for a long time.

That moment will always be etched in Paola’s mind, an important moment in her daily life as a child, a moment in which her father was there just for her.


A businesswoman’s vision

In the meantime, in 1995, with her intuition and determination, Paola Soria founded Fasteners Pelosato, a company specializing in the design of fastening systems for the automotive, nautical, and furnishing sectors.

The company has grown over time, thanks to a great deal of research and innovation, and has become a strategic partner of the most prestigious luxury car manufacturers and the most important design brands. Fasteners Pelosato is their precise and reliable port of call, able to research innovative solutions, an integral factor for the proper functioning of their projects. 

But Paola still holds that secret wish in her heart. Her desire to create unique pieces that capture the attention and take hold of those who experience them daily. Curvy and welcoming furniture, like an embrace, that recalls that unforgettable feeling of when a little girl would open a small, rounded bar cabinet and be met with the warm and affectionate smile of her father in return.

In 2021, Paola founded her new brand, Paola Sorio Luxury Design Atelier. A hothouse of ideas and creativity that allows for a new definition of contemporary luxury linked to the world of interior design. That childhood dream has now become a reality.


Verona is an ancient city steeped in history and beauty. Verona is a romantic city, recounting an overwhelming love to the world for centuries. Verona is vibrant and alive. It is many cities in one: Roman, Byzantine, Lombard, Visconti and Venetian. There is something to surprise you around every corner.

Verona is Paola Sorio’s city. A strong sense of belonging characterises every idea and every project that forms in her mind. That strong sense of harmony, passion and artistic beauty that has made Verona famous the world over is expressed in every design piece created by Paola Sorio Luxury Design Atelier.